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The death of a person is a difficult and emotional time for family and friends. During this time an application has to be made to the Supreme Court to deal with the deceased’s estate, whether or not there is a will. This is known as probate. Where there is a will the executor appointed under the will makes the application. If there is no will the deceased’s closest next of kin usually makes an application to the Supreme Court to be appointed the administrator.

The duties of executors and administrators and the size of estates vary. Some are simple and include a family home and modest savings while others are complex and made up of many categories of assets. Some of the assets may not be a part of the estate and are dealt with by other laws and regulations. One thing in common is that it is a time of high emotions and the outcomes are important to all the parties.

We have dealt with many different estates and family dynamics. We understand how important it is to provide full legal advice and communicate effectively.

Our legal costs for probate are based on what we do, not on the size of the estate.

At Boon Legal we have extensive experience representing executors and beneficiaries who live overseas.

Linda has worked with executors and beneficiaries who live in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, taking instructions, preparing affidavits and finalising estate matters for them. Lind can obtain probate and ensure that beneficiaries living in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina receive their share. Linda can also assist solicitors in Australia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina with probate for people living in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Annie has worked with Mandarin speaking executors in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. She is able to guide clients in the finalisation of estates in Australia.

As well as working with clients overseas to obtain probate for assets in Australia, we have experience in resealing probate from eligible countries.