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Buying and Selling Businesses

We assist our clients in buying and selling businesses and negotiating and preparing a range of commercial agreements associated with the purchase, sale and running of a business, including the transfer of liquor licences and other licences and agreements. We have particular expertise in franchising and our clients include franchisors as well as franchisees. We advise on and prepare agreements and documents associated with running a franchise business as well as purchasing one. Whether you are selling or buying a business we provide a fixed price for your transaction. We work with a range of professionals to ensure the establishment of the most effective and appropriate corporate structure for each client. We advise clients on their legal and regulatory obligations. We represent our clients in mediation, negotiating disputes and litigation. We understand the importance of running a business and the cost of legal disputes to the business reputation and bottom line, regardless of the size or the nature of the business. We work with our clients and seek positive solutions that are sensible, cost effective and in the client’s best interest.