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Family, De Facto and Relationship Matters

The end of a marriage or a relationship between domestic partners is a difficult and highly emotional time. It is hard to deal with the emotional issues and the legal realities of property settlement, child matters and divorce. Our practical and realistic advice will assist you through this period and enable you to make informed decisions.

We can assist you with property settlements, child matters and divorce. We will negotiate and prepare the legal documents to finalise matters.

Our family law clients are married couples, de factos and same sex partners. We combine our family law, litigation and property law experience to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

We also provide you with advice about the importance of a divorce and the legal implications if you fail to do so. A person may not know that a spouse has the best right to their estate if at the time of death they are still legally married. Many years of separation and a property settlement does not end the marriage legally, only a divorce does.