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Will Preparation

A will allows a person to put their affairs in order and determine how their real and personal assets are to be distributed after their death and who will carry out their wishes.

However, for a will to be effective it must be properly prepared, signed and witnessed. If a will is not prepared in accordance with the legal requirements the whole will or parts of it may fail. When people use Do It Yourself (DIY) will kits there is a real danger that the will may not meet these requirements and result in intestacy.

There are assets that do not form a part of a person’s estate and cannot be dealt with under a will, including property held with others as joint tenants, superannuation (unless there is a valid Binding Nomination nominating the person’s estate as the beneficiary), trusts and other interests such as business partnerships where agreements are in place as to what happens in the event of death.

We take the time to get a full understanding of your situation to ensure that your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes. We also advise you fully of potential claims against the estate and what steps you can take during your lifetime to avoid or minimise such claims.

We make sure that clients understand their wills. We take the time to explain the roles of executors and whom to appoint. We are frank in our advice and most clients appoint trusted and capable family members and friends as executors.